Cakes & Pastries

Ice cream cakes and ice cream pastries for all occasions

Your wedding, the five-year-old’s birthday party, student graduation, New Year’s Eve or the company’s anniversary party for 300 people. No matter what you want to celebrate, we offer amazingly good cakes, pastries, and desserts.
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Ice cream cakes

We have a number of ice cream cakes in our standard selection and you can also special order cakes if you want something out of the ordinary.
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Ice cream pastries

Several of our cakes are available as pastries, including our popular Nobel Pastry. You can also order your own flavors.

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Wedding cakes

Brighten your wedding with a luxurious ice cream cake. We offer both whole cakes and multi-tier cakes as well as multi-tier pastries.
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Cassata Toscanini

Try our popular dessert Cassata Toscanini made up of different layers, including cassata, chocolate, raspberry sorbet, and pistachio.

Cakes in our standard selection

We always offer these cakes:

  • Roman chocolate, cinnamon, and blackcurrant sorbet
  • Madagaskar vanilla, zuppa ingles, and strawberry sorbet
  • Raspberry sorbet, stracciatella, and lemon sorbet
  • Sorbet Cake: Lemon sorbet, strawberry sorbet, and blackcurrant sorbet
  • Nobel Cake: Dark chocolate, Madagaskar vanilla, and raspberry sorbet, decorated with spun sugar-balls and almond cookies

Special Cakes

We offer customized cakes in all possible sizes and shapes, for example:

  • Character Cake (choose your own design)
  • Kids Cake (choose your own design)
  • Custom flavors
  • Christmas Cake: Saffron ice cream, gingerbread ice cream, blackcurrant sorbet, spun sugar for serving (also pastry)
  • New Year Cake: Pistachio, cognac orange, pink champagne sorbet, spun sugar and ice torch (also pastry)


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Opening hours Birkagatan 8

Monday-Tuesday: closed
Wednesday-Friday: 11-18
Saturday-Sunday: 11-17

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Monday-Tuesday: 9-15

Wednesday-Friday: 9-21

Saturday: 10-21
Sunday: 11-20

Factory, shop, and café in Vasastan in Stockholm with homemade premium ice cream since 1986. Coned ice cream, ice cream cakes, ice cream pastries, wedding cakes, and more. We're a family business with a love for craftsmanship, ingredients, and tradition. Open all year round. Welcome!

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115 31 Stockholm, Sweden


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